Organic High-Protein Plant-Based Cereal Is Ready To Shake Up The Breakfast Table

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SunflowerFamily USA, a company dedicated to creating textured sunflower protein-based foods, has launched a high-protein plant-based cereal that even non-cereal eaters will love! Organic Sunflower Protein Crisps is a novel breakfast option made from organic sunflower seeds. With up to 14g plant protein per serving (35g), these crisps are the newest craze in plant based cereal options. Soy free, grain free, dairy free, gluten free, and free from all major allergens. Rich in sustainable organic plant protein, a good source of dietary fiber (5g) and naturally occurring minerals and folate. Organic Sunflower Protein Crisps are made of only six ingredients and come in two delicious flavors – Cacao, with Vanilla following this summer.

SunflowerFamily Cereal Crisps

Available online now at or Coming to stores soon!

“Our customers were asking for an organic, plant-based cereal that was high in protein and free from dairy, gluten, and soy, but it didn’t exist. So, we decided to make one,” says SunflowerFamily USA Owner Gary Bartl.

Organic Sunflower Protein Crisps are SunflowerFamily USA’s first entrance into the breakfast space. They have the highest protein content of any organic cereal on the market and can be used in many non-traditional cereal ways as well: add to your favorite nut butter for some extra crunch or sprinkle atop yogurt, ice cream, or cupcakes, according to their motto “Pour it, crunch it, top it.”

SunflowerFamily USA’s existing line of products includes Organic Sunflower Haché and Organic Sunflower Haché ready-to-cook meal kits. A clever meat alternative, prepared in just minutes – hydrate, season, heat, and eat! The meal kits come in three popular flavors: Chili sin Carne, Bolognese, and Mushroom Stew; each consisting of Sunflower Haché and a seasoning packet. These shelf stable meat substitutes are a great option for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike.

About SunflowerFamily USA

SunflowerFamily USA distributes plant-based products made from organic sunflower seeds and is a leading brand of vegan meat alternatives. SunflowerFamily’s Organic Sunflower Haché line is made from only one ingredient and has a 24-month shelf life, which differentiates them from other popular meat alternatives on the market. The Sunflower Haché line includes the original Sunflower Haché, Chili sin Carne, Bolognese, and Mushroom Stew. All products are certified Organic, Vegan, Plant Based and Kosher. Follow at @sunflowerfamilyusa.

Stephanie Asbaty

SOURCE SunflowerFamily USA

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